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Whether working on sides for an audition, filming a self-submission, or coaching you through the arc of an entire role for a job you’ve booked, I can help you rock that role!



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the work

My goal is always the same: to meet you where you are in this moment of your journey, and guide you to reveal yourself through the material (and vice-versa!). We’ll dig deeply to uncover the “Why” of your character, to make everything you say and do seem utterly inevitable.


book session

biz of the biz

mapping your career

Biz of the Biz master class

Twelve years on the Council of Actors' Equity
Nine years as a trustee of the Equity-League pension and health funds
Over 25 years of acting

I've spent much of my career advocating for artists, and it's given me a unique perspective on this business that I can share with your school.


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DIY Masters Challenge

DIY Masters

Just graduated? Thinking of grad school? Read this first! A free pdf guide to prepare you for success BEFORE you take out student loans.